In The Detail are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value with the convenience of being fully mobile to come to you.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience on the Isle of Wight.

Find below just some of what In The Detail can offer our customers.

Mobile & Unit Based Works

All our work can be carried out at a location of your choosing. Being mobile, it gives you the bonus of continuing with your day knowing your vehicle is in safe hands. We also have access to a large indoor unit to cater for all our client’s needs.

Maintenance Washes

Prices starting from £20 offering a professional service for a fantastic value. This mini valet service is highly recommended and used most frequently by our regular clients.


This process combines both chemical safe decontamination and manual decontamination methods to remove road fallout which has accumulated on the surface of your vehicle and ensures your paintwork is left in a smooth, safe finish.

Vehicle Polishing

Using a selection of various sized machine polishers, this professional service will remove minor scratches, swirls marks, marring and leave your paint work in a near perfect condition. We place our cars on a percentile scale and aim to achieve between 85% and 95% finishes on all vehicles we cater to.

Paint Sealant and Protection

We offer a range of 3 sealant options. These 3 cater for everyone’s needs, whether you’d like durability for longevity, gloss finishes for show shines or a ceramic coating for regular washing.

Wheel Sealants

This sealant ensures debris, brake dust and fallout is easily removed on a regular basis creating a tough and durable protective layer to your alloy wheels.

Professional & pH Safe Products

All the products we use are pH tested by ourselves, ensuring that zero acid is used, neutral products are used in places and alkaline dilution ratios are safe when applying to remove stubborn dirt and grime. We pride ourselves knowing that this unique approach to our product range sets us apart from the rest.

Nano Technology (Window Sealant)

Using the latest nano-technology, our window sealants ensure an extreme hydrophobic product which bonds to your glass, making the use of your wiper almost redundant. This premium product has a life of up to 3 years with moderate weathering.

Book your Car in Today!

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